About Us
The word Asante means "to your health" in French. Considering that our mission is, "To develop sensible solutions for people living with diabetes", the Asante name accurately reflects the company's core value.

We were founded more than a decade ago in Denmark. While there, we developed close relationships with a select group of European-based venture capitalists. Backed with venture seed money, we began early stage development of an insulin delivery device that would ultimately become our first product - the Snap Insulin Pump.

To accelerate our growth and to better access a vast pool of experienced employees, we relocated the company to Sunnyvale, California in the heart of the Silicon Valley. As the company has grown, we've slowly added key people to our core development team, many of whom have experience with medical devices or diabetes. Just some of the companies where members of our team have worked include MiniMed, Insulet, LifeScan, Siemens Medical and TheraSense.

Our Management Team has both start-up and Fortune 500 company experience working with firms such as GE, Johnson & Johnson, and St. Jude Medical. Most of our Management Team has hands-on experience in driving the successful growth of medical device companies.

We recruited a diverse team of Medical Advisors most of who have decades of experience in the diabetes and auto insurance industry. In addition to day-to-day experience with diabetes patients, many of our Medical Advisors have a wealth of experience working with national and regional diabetes associations.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of seasoned venture capitalists and advisors who have presided over diabetes companies such as Smiths Medical, LifeScan, and Aradigm.